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Grand Chapter Officers


Grand Associate Matron

Sister Diedrea Anthony-Willis



Central Session (West)


Assistant Grand Associate Matron

Sister Shebra Lee


Southern Session (South)

Assistant Grand Associate Matron

Sister Ida Blaylock


Northern Session (East)


Assistant Grand Associate Matron (Asst.)

Sister Regis Moore-Lewis

Southern Session (North)


Assistant Grand Associate Matron (Asst.)

Sister Jill Robbins

Central Session (East)


Assistant Grand Associate Matron (Asst.)

Sister Shavone Jackson

Northern Session (West)

(Pending Election)




Grand Financial Secretary

Grand Assoc. Fin. Secretary

Grand Treasurer

Grand Treasurer - Assist.(Cer.)

Grand Rec. Secretary

Grand Assoc. Rec. Secretary

Grand Registrar

Grand Conductress

Grand Conductress - Assist.

Grand Assoc. Conductress

Grand Assoc. Conductress-Assist.

Grand Chaplain

Grand Chaplain (N) - Assist.

Grand Chaplain (C) - Assist.

Grand Chaplain (S) - Assist.

Grand Warder

Grand Warder - Assist.

Grand Sentinel

Grand Sentinel - Assist.

Grand Marshal

Grand Marshal - Assist.

Grand Adah

Grand Adah - Assist.

Grand Ruth

Grand Ruth - Assist.

Grand Esther

Grand Esther - Assist.

Grand Martha

Grand Martha - Assist.

Sister Felicia Pittman

Sister Frances Wimberly

Sister Audrey Hicks

Sister Rosetta Cleggett

Sister Pamela Reynolds

Sister Armanda Nelson

Sister Peachie Tresvant

Sister Nicole Collins

Sister Donnita Coleman

Sister Myrtle Fagan 

Sister Jessica Weston

Sister Marlene Talley


Sister Valarie Martin

Sister Catrina Jones

Sister Shannon Duncan

Sister Aurienta Madison

Sister Kimberly Williams

Sister Kortina Jones

Sister Gwen McMillian


Sister Patricia Kelly

Sister Shandrea Robinson

Sister Rosezine Pringle

Sister Regina Hunter

Sister Shawanda Peterson

Sister Adrienne Thrower

Sister P. Jean Cephas

Sister Barbara Hart

Grand Electa

Grand Electa - Assist.

Grand Worthy Patron

Grand Worthy Patron - Assist.

Grand Organist

Grand Parliamentarian

Grand Monitor

Grand Financial Chair

Grand Social Chair

Director of Nurses

Grand Recruit Deputy

Grand Secretary of Education

Grand Lecture (Ed) Director

Grand Lecturer

Ed. Enrichment Coordinator

Grand Music/Choir Dir.

Grand Memorial Dir.

Grand Burial Dir.

Grand Historian/Founder's

Grand 20 Year Dept. Dir.

Grand Research/Retention-N 

Grand Research/Retention-C

Grand Research/Retention-S

Grand OES E-Board Dir.

Personal Marshal

Personal Marshal - Assist.

Official Photographer

Grand Charity Chairperson


Grand Cotillion Director

Sister Tauja Wright

Sister Mary Parker

Illustrious Andre' Soule'

Brother Gary Russ

Sister Grace Smith

Sister Tara Thompson

Sister Annie Gumren

Sister Diedrea Willis

Sister LaQuita Jackson

Sister Malinda Thomas

Sister Annie Nichols

Sister Fredde Davis

Sister Shalandria Wright

Sister Jessica Weston

Sister Inetta Bunn

Sister Mary Mitchell

Sister Natasha Laurenceau

Sister P. Jean Cephas

Sister Laura Anderson

Sister Frances Simmons

Sister Barbara Perry

Sister Pauline McDonald

Sister Robyn Martin

Sister P. Jean Cephas

Sister Gwen McMillian

Sister Theresa Brown

Sister Dianne Dobbins

Sister Rosezine Pringle

Sister Nneka Stepney

Sister Clarice Lawrence

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