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Florida Grand Joint Council is a joint department that includes the Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter.


Florida Grand Joint Council

Illustrious Todd Hawkins, 33°, Director


The Order of the Eastern Star (OES) is the foundational department. At an appointed time, sisters are able to advance into upper departments based on specific requirements. The upper departments are as follows:

Queen of the South Logo_edited.png




Queen of the South   

Dorothy Riley Grand Palace

Princess Nicole Collins

Grand Queen Bathsheba

HOJ Logo.png
Amaranth Logo.jpg







Amaranth and Heroines of Jericho

Nena Fields Grand Amaranth

Lillian Gill Grand Heroines of Jericho

Daughter Shonda Benjamin

Grand Sovereign of Stars







Lady Knights

Adgnoe Bradshaw Grand Lady Knights Council

Lady Knight Cynthia Brown

Grand Chief Counselor

Shrine Logo.png







Daughters of Isis of Sphinx

Kora Grand Shrine Court

Noble Lady Sandra Kyles

Grand Commandress

Royal Ladies Logo.jpg







Royal Ladies 

Florida’s Royal Ladies Grand Assembly

Royal Lady Mary Mitchell

Grand Queen of Sheba

Rose College Logo.jpg







Roses of Seven Seals College

Florida Sunshine Grand Rose College

Rose Erika Bell

Grand Most Excellent Rose

 Roses of Seven Seals Auxiliary is the highest degree that an Eastern Star can obtain. This degree does not have a grand chapter and is a Supreme Department.

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