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Worthy Matron Council

Worthy Matron Council Director

Sister Shandrea Robinson
Shandrea Robinson.png

Worth Matron Council Vice Director (Central)

Sister Armanda Nelson

Talley Headshot_edited_edited.png

Worth Matron Council Vice Director (North)

Sister Marlene Talley

The Worthy Matron Council is comprised of all of the current Worthy Matrons in the State of Florida. The purpose of this council is to strengthen the Worthy Matrons' knowledge of the organization, as well as their leadership duties and role in growing the local chapter. This council serves as a resource to allow the Worthy Matrons to receive training, share best practices, resolve issues, and learn from each other, under the direction of the Worthy Matron Council Director and Vice Directors.

A list of the current Worthy Matrons and chapters may be found on the Local Chapter Directory page at:

Worthy Matron of the  Year

Sister Dianne Dobbins
Clara Bryant #408

Perrine, FL

Sister Starsheema Green
Noble Lady Zethel #220

Miami, FL

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